Pension for entrepreneurs

It was an easy decision for us to choose Grandhood. Their pension saving is intuitive, accessible and fair for small companies like us.

Vincenzo & Anna, Owners of Mastro pastaria and bar

A simpler pension savings solution for you and your employees

A simpler pensions saving solution for you and your employees

Get a pension savings plan in 3 minutes!

All you have to do is sign up yourself and your employees digitally using NEM-ID to identify your company.

Invite your employees

Your employees receive an email invitation and subsequently create their own individual pension savings plan in the Grandhood app using their smartphone.

All set!

Congrats! Now you and your employees have a pension savings solution and you’re one step closer to your Grandhood.

This is how it works

A robust investment strategy

Our goal is to give you a good return at a good price with a risk that is right for you. We invest your money based on a long-term global strategy with a focus on a good balance between different asset classes so your savings will be less sensitive to the ups and downs of the financial markets. To do this, we use Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), which give you exposure to thousands of different equities and bonds with very few transactions.

Investments and sustainability

In Grandhood we care about the world we live in just as much as you do, and that means that whenever we have the chance to do so, we try to invest your money in sustainable funds without compromising the quality of your savings.


We want to give you and your company the biggest possible flexibility. That’s why we don’t have mandatory contribution levels or minimum employee number requirements.